Creative Storage Ideas to Hide or Show Off Your Stuff
Creative Storage Ideas to Hide or Show Off Your Stuff

A little creativity goes very far in storage space design. You can go from cluttered to functional in no time!

Using space effectively is as much art as it is science.  Where you store your things, whether they be eyesores or eye-catching, can have a dramatic effect on living spaces in your home.

Creating “new” storage space while enhancing your existing living spaces is a more practical option.

Consider some ways to make the most of your existing space and provide the extra storage areas you need:

  • Use the hollow spaces within existing structures such as stairwells. How about making drawers out of the stair risers?


  • Any faux walls with sufficient depth behind them can be gutted to create closets or cabinets.


  • Bay windows if tall enough can provide opportunity for a built-in cabinet for storing while using the top for setting plants and other decorations.


  • Any unused corner of a room can be made into an elegant tall cabinet, closet or shelving.


  • Converting a good-sized closet into a small office with a built-in desktop can offer a whole new space.


  • Create a cozy alcove by building 2 adjacent floor-to-ceiling cabinets on each side with storage and display areas.


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