Spring Cleaning or Spring Fling?
Spring Cleaning or Spring Fling?

Create your own seasonal makeover!

Spring in New England comes in fits and starts. But who can resist – on those first warm days – throwing open the windows and letting the breeze flow through? After the initial jubilation, you’ll notice the dulled windows, dingy drapes, scuffed entrance ways from wet boots and sandy grit. Then there’s the door mat that’s given up the ghost.

But don’t despair! In a few hours you can clear away the detritus of winter.

  • Make room in the coat closet by clearing winter parkas, boots and gloves.
  • Tuck away wool throws and ditch that balsam-scented candle that’s been hanging around since the holidays.
  • Clean out your fireplace, but don’t leave it looking like a black hole. Fill a copper pot or basket with an arrangement of flowers or add a dozen pillar candles.

Keep the momentum going.

Take a good look at your floors and walls. Do your rugs need to be cleaned? Maybe that’s an opportunity to make a seasonal switch to something lighter and brighter. Or, simply show off your wood floors for the next 7 months. Bare wood floors visually open up your living space for an expansive, less cluttered look.

Next examine your walls: do they need a wake up call? One of the quickest ways to brighten up a room is a fresh coat of paint. Crisp white trim is always in style.

To create a fresh effect in minutes, swap out your accessories, take down heavy draperies for cleaning, and add some decorative, spring-themed throw pillows.  Use fresh cut flowers like daffodils, lilies and tree blossoms to add color and life into rooms.

As it warms up, don’t neglect your outdoor living spaces when hauling out the deck furniture. Give that wicker or wrought iron a fresh coat of paint and, presto, it’ll look like new.

There, you’re done. Now enjoy the fruits of your labor with an ice-cold beverage on the patio, and dream about what the rest of Spring might bring. If you are feeling uninspired or need guidance, 3W design, inc. offers ideas and services to seasonally refresh the look and feel of your home. Please call us at (603) 226-3399 if you have questions about spring and summer space planning, renovations, or other home needs.