Make Your Kitchen Work for You – Beautifully!
Make Your Kitchen Work for You – Beautifully!

A kitchen remodel! It can be so exciting yet also a little daunting: so many details. Before you jump to the fun part such as style, color, décor, don’t forget to consider function. 

Of course, you need a beautiful, well-planned, efficient place to cook. But what else do you require from a kitchen space? Centuries ago, the kitchen was the hub of the home because of the hearth, which provided warmth. More than that, it was the cooking, drying and even bathing area for many.  While we don’t bathe in washtubs anymore a kitchen can have multi-purposes. A few examples:

  • Food or small appliance storage
  • Special dietary needs                   
  • Homework, desk or office area
  • A special collection to display
  • Seating or serving areas
  • Sight lines/ openness (or not)

Feeling unsure? Try this: make a list of everything that happened in your kitchen in the last 24 hours. That list is likely to be pretty long. Now put a check mark next to the functions your kitchen currently serves pretty well, and a minus sign next to the functions it struggles to support. The negative functions are the ones you’ll want to incorporate into your remodel.

A kitchen remodel is of course a significant investment. It’s important that you design, plan and build a space that serves the functional needs of your household, is beautiful to show off, but also allow you to entertain the way you want to. In our experience, it is impossible to keep guests out of the heart of the home.  Establishing a clear delineation between guests and host, typically an island or peninsula that can serve as a buffet and/or bar, will allow you to engage with your guests, while keeping them out of your way.

In any kitchen renovation, the details can be overwhelming. Engaging a kitchen professional doesn’t have to feel like a big commitment. We offer what we call a Design Agreement. For a minimal upfront cost, you get to tap into the knowledge, experience, and resources of our team. At the end, you will have a picture of the proposed design and a layout plan to keep. If you see value in what we offer, we put the cost of the Design Agreement towards your project budget. It’s that simple—and the results will be simply stunning!

Feel free to call the pros at 3W design, inc. at (603) 226-3399 if you have kitchen design questions. It’s why we are here!