Working from home? Create the space to set the pace.
Working from home? Create the space to set the pace.

Many have evolved to working from home and the trend will likely continue. Some of us thrive in the familiar, comfortable environment of a home office and one of the keys to success is having a well-designed workspace.

What some people do not understand are the significant differences between a home and work environment, and how these differences affect behavior.

You may think that your home is the perfect place to be your most productive self. After all, it is your space and you feel more comfortable there, so you can be more creative and productive, right? Well, not necessarily. Those who are experienced in home-based businesses or employment understand the productivity pitfalls. Even if you live alone, the multitudinous distractions of your home’s upkeep needs, entertainment opportunities and leisure temptations will beckon you louder that you may think. Therefore, creating a dedicated workspace buffered from the home’s distractions and temptations will make working from home a better experience. Your boss and clients will appreciate it!

Planning the “Commute”

The first step is exploring the layout of your home to determine where you will get your work done. Beginning mentally, you need to cordon off the office as a special area that you go to for business. It is y important that you keep your office separate from the main living areas so a spare bedroom, basement room or perhaps a loft would be a good choice. Sometimes, a segregated corner of a larger room will work, or you can even convert a closet to a top-notch workspace. Set some rules: when the door is closed, that means “do not disturb” unless it is something very important.

After you choose the right space for your office, make it a place of professional inspiration. Furniture, computers, office machines, tools, studio supplies, etc. all must fit and function well. Pay attention to ergonomics, spatial orientation, colors and lighting. Consider how much you use your printer or other devices. Are all your supplies arranged for easy access and proper storage?

Your office will have an impact on your productivity, mood, and possibly even your health. Design your work environment according to best use of space, shapes, colors, and lights.

Designer Jo Heinz, interviewed in Entrepreneur Magazine, sums up nicely what every professional needs to know about home office design. “Your office should be a connection to yourself, your spirit and your productivity. It should afford focus rather than distraction and be a place you want to be and want to spend time in. That will positively influence you in the space and enhance the work you do there.”

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