Transform Your Bathroom into Your Personal Oasis
Transform Your Bathroom into Your Personal Oasis

In our information overload world, one often-overlooked place to get away from it all is your bathroom. It’s the place where you start your day or spend much-needed alone time.

If your bathroom does not refresh your mood, perhaps you just need to, “energy up” its ambience by transforming it into a private oasis with the five helpful suggestions below.

Warm It Up

An easy fix is to paint the walls in a relaxing shade. For years, harsh white has dominated bathrooms and fixtures, why not try spa inspired colors such as sea glass blue, soft pink, lavender, buttercream or warm grey? Take a walk around a paint store. What colors make you feel good?

Bold It Up

A large mirror with a lot of personality or piece of bold artwork can add drama to the often-reserved bathroom arena. Use it as the focal point to harmonize colors, patterns and materials. It will create a calming, meditative effect for your downtime and breaks.

Green It Up

Plants add a peaceful, natural vibe to your bathroom. They even exhale oxygen during the daytime process of photosynthesis.

Try hanging ivy plants from the ceiling or place Eucalyptus, Cactus, and Aloe on windowsills or along bathtub edges to be admired when you take a long, rejuvenating bath.

Mood It Up

Scatter luxuries for yourself such as beautiful handmade soaps, luxurious spa quality towels, and collected seashells or other natural elements. Wicker baskets add texture and warmth and can hold essential oils, potpourri and other little treasures.

Class it Up with New Fixtures

Fixtures can corrode, stain and wear out after years of use, not to mention go out of style. Think about upgrading your rusting or fading sink and shower faucets to pewter, gunmetal, or brushed gold. Consider replacing your aging toilet and vanity with today’s more inspired and efficient designs.

Choose to decorate your own bathroom space or hire 3W design, inc. to transform your bathroom into your personal oasis. We’re easy to talk with and have endless interior design ideas.

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